As we struggle to make our way along a dark path without stumbling, I wonder if Art helps us navigate the pitfalls of life, or if Art only tempt us with unreachable pinnacles that wallow in the ugly truths of the human condition?

Art, in its truest form, is blunt and frightening. 

That artful horror can hide in beautiful things, but the inescapable fact of our living is that our deaths are tempting us and creeping closer each day we awaken.

Art can help us realize our mortality and teach us ways to express our living joy — or we can begin to hate and repress our temporary breaths and then blame Art for revealing that painful notion.

The choice is ours: Art is a mortal gift from the Gods so we might be brave enough to navigate our sticky moral emotions and to mistrust our nationalistic, terroristic, memories.

Arts helps us beautifully degrade together.


  1. I never considered art could be bad but I guess it can. That picture sure is pretty bloody.

  2. You got that right, Anne! Art can be ugly and beautiful in the same moment. Art records awful things and presents the horror in a way the mind can better understand and accept.

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