The Stott Pilates reformer is an expensive salve for the body rounding up at a hefty $2,600.00USD — but if you can get past the gutter delivery and get the thing inside your home — the Stott Pilates Reformer is a big, heavy, one-hundred-pound, winner.

We decided to upgrade our Pilates workout routine from mat work to our own Reformer and the difference in the magnitude of the workout is amplitudinal.

The springs on the Reformer make a much more effective resistance workout than your own body alone against gravity.

The Reformer ropes immediately tell you if you are out of alignment.

One key to doing well on the Reformer is to take your time.  There’s no rush. Enjoy the stretch and don’t fight the push. 

You are working small niches of your body and the goal is not to build mass.

Don’t make a Reformer routine into an aerobic exercise.  Help the machine micromanage your body.  Don’t be a hero and try to force building muscle with all the springs engaged.

Your job on a Pilates Reformer is to create flexibility and litheness — and the Reformer will give you light and power in return for the tension.


  1. Looks like a fine machine, David. I like the light color of the wood and the mat material.

  2. It’s a real beauty, Anne. It’s funny that our mat material and shoulder rest material is black and not that beige. I don’t know if we have an early Reformer or an updated version.

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