The Internets are flying with rumors American President George W. Bush was behaving strangely at the 2008 Beijing Olympicssome believe he appeared drunk in public, and one online magazine has wondered aloud in the past if Bush is a “Dry Drunk” — and so if an image speaks a thousand words, I’m curious what the following captures in time reveal to you.

Is this the behavior of a proper, tired, man — or a man who is unsteady on his feet because of an unfortunate effect taken into his body?

Is this how we believe the President of the United States should act and behave in public with our Olympic beach volleyball team?

Is the leader of the most powerful democratic nation in the world allowed to “let loose” at an international event without pausing a moment to determine the power of the propagated memes?

Or does the role of the President require a certain amount of decorum and grace at all times?


  1. We can argue about politics and policy. We can toss words to-and-fro. Pictures can’t be denied. They speak the bare naked truth. I would feel sorry for him, David, but I don’t think he cares one way or the other.

  2. That pretty much sums up how I feel when I look at the images, Anne. I just sit here and think, “What was he thinking?” Amazing…

  3. Hi David —
    Hilarious! Apparently, we had underestimated his potential! It would be interesting to know what was going on in Laura’s mind 🙂

  4. I find Laura’s reaction the most intriguing. She’s ignoring him. She does not appear to care. The last image of him sitting next to his daughter making that face during the swimming finals demonstrates her displeasure, while her mother just looks the other way.
    I’m sure Laura looks forward to having the Secret Service babysit him for the rest of his life. I’m sure she’s had plenty of late nights cleaning up after his antics.
    I wonder if he will live long after he leaves office? Will the reality of his eight years ever hit him — or is he completely lost in a fog?

  5. True, David. I think both of them are just embarrassed. but yes, it’ll be interesting to see if he ever snaps out of it!

  6. David,
    If I am not mistaken, the Secret Service for Life deal ended with Bill Clinton. It was passed in Congress that post 1997 elected presidents would ‘only’ get a 10 year detail. Alas.

  7. Dananjay —
    I think lots of people will be on a whole new sort of “Bush Watch” once he leaves office.

  8. Yes, that’s the law, Gordon, but any former president need only ask the current occupant to continue the protection and it will be granted. The decade limit was more a political rail against Clinton perks than a rational contemplation on the safety of our former leaders.

  9. Hi David,
    I saw these pictures last Sunday on the frontpage of a newspaper and was just zapped…
    I guess he wanted pose friendly but the entire thing was a bit too much and crossed the fine line.
    You are right about Laura’s reaction – poor Laura!
    What could she do except ignoring? She can’t reprimand him publicly…
    Being a president’s wife is a tough job – no doubt.

  10. It was surprising that Laura never really appeared to even acknowledge his behavior. That seems to tell us the behavior is ordinary and expected and not something uncommon.

  11. It is a mess David, no questions asked. I can’t think of a president behaving in this hedious way.

  12. Yeah, and it’s funny that the world can find a way to get rid of Musharraf for malfeasance and embarrassment in office — but not the guy who started the whole Middle East on fire!

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