Indexed makes the following argument concerning the X and Y rise of what you know and who you know in Web 2.0:

What do you make of that argument?

Is the idea too simple or is it overwhelmingly complex?

Are we redefining the meaning of “internetworking” every day?


  1. Too simplistic, David. People you know is vague. I could say I know millions of people but that doesn’t help much in applying what I know to them and the other way around.

  2. It is sort of a precious concept, eh Anne? I think you’re right that the “know” is much too wide to be meaningful and there’s too much opportunity for precociousness.

  3. “Things you can do” is also juvenile. I know it may be the way of the modern world to dumb down bigger ideas, but in the presentation of the idea, David, the meaning should not be cheapened.

  4. There is a danger in simplification, Anne. Your greater idea can be lost in the attempt to make a complex argument simply understood.

  5. Extremely relevant topic David!
    The summary is make “who you know” know “what you know”.
    The argument is not simple at all!

  6. You’ll have to explain it to me a bit more, Katha. I’m obviously not getting it.

  7. Ok David, – sorry.
    What I meant to say was – I first heard the coinage when it came to the concept of “networking”.
    It’s known that social networking helps others to land up with ‘n’ number of opportunities in one’s professional and personal life.
    Knwoing people do not help unless I am skilled enough, at the same time my skills might not be useful unless it’s known to others, that too in the right field.
    As far as networking is concerned in professional world it has to be a right mix of talent, people and place to be successful.

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