Helicopter parents are hovering over higher education like a black cloud waiting to pour its contents onto a blissful countenance.  When parents become the students for their children, the entire structure and memeingful experience of a university education is discounted and downgraded.

Why do universities allow parents to attend class, have access to grades they did not earn, and sit in on meetings with professors?

Do the children of these helicopter parents have any rightful privacy?  Or is the only meter of power held in the hands of those who pay the bills?

Part of growing up and away from your parents must include making mistakes, falling down and getting up and — as hard as it is to confess the reality — lying and getting caught should teach more than it punishes.

We need to remove the parents from the higher education of their children or there will never be any hope for the future in helping to create a smarter and more independent generation that can stand alone on the shoulders of those that came before them while thinking and wondering with the same freedom that was won by those that fought the condescension of the paternalistic master and slave dyad of experiencing only what is allowed in the world instead of what should be in the universe.

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