Textbook publishers are fighting against self-anointed “Open Source” warriors that copy the text of their books and then place them online for torrent downloading so students can use the books without having to pay for them.

Those that use textbook torrents to illegally distribute and download Copyrighted material must be uncovered and punished for their thievery against the higher mind and that net of justice must also entrap, and righteously convict, students that participate in that illegal gain.

People that steal content — they hide their real identity under fake names and forged IP addresses — have never created anything in their lives; they merely suck their lives from the hard work of others and then claim a higher calling in the distribution of wealth they had no hand nor heart in creating.

You know they know what they’re doing is wrong because they refuse to stand up and provide proof of their true identity; a more fitting definition of “Anonymous Coward” was never more suitably applied than against the rank intentions of these mind criminals.

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