The Gift of the Global Text Project

In the pursuit of higher education we vigilantly pursue every venue and opportunity — my mother and father regularly told me that you couldn’t put a price on good health or an education because education is one thing that cannot be taken away from you.

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Cogency without Context

There’s a disturbing move afoot: Removing the vital call and reply learning dyad between instructor and student.  We learn by exchanging ideas in real time, not by filling in choices in an online multiple answer exam.

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Streaming Textbooks

Textbook publishers are fighting against self-anointed “Open Source” warriors that copy the text of their books and then place them online for torrent downloading so students can use the books without having to pay for them.

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Boles Books GIS and Glencoe McGraw-Hill

After a hard-nosed — but always friendly — negotiation, we are pleased to announce the small involvement of Boles Books Writing & Publishing ™ in providing some GIS (Geographic Information Systems) material from our ongoing Dramatic Medicine project concerning GIS in Public Health to Glencoe/McGraw-Hill publishing in a three book textbook deal.

World Geography and Cultures

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