After a hard-nosed — but always friendly — negotiation, we are pleased to announce the small involvement of Boles Books Writing & Publishing ™ in providing some GIS (Geographic Information Systems) material from our ongoing Dramatic Medicine project concerning GIS in Public Health to Glencoe/McGraw-Hill publishing in a three book textbook deal.

World Geography and Cultures

The books will be published in 2008 and each book expects worldwide sales of 250,000 copies including online content and CD-ROM/DVD supporting material. 750,000 copies worldwide is a lot of books!

 Glencoe World History

GIS is a tremendous technology that allows one to visually represent numerical information like statistics and other events in map form — even 3-D maps — in order to quickly associate relationships between people, objects and ideas.

The American Vision

The real power of GIS, in my experience, is in the Public Health field where you can dynamically enter information about outbreaks or other life-threatening concerns in real time and then quickly get a visual map in real time that pinpoints groupings and patterns of behavior that numbers alone cannot provide.

GIS can also provide deep historical analyses of trends and occurrences.

Here are the titles of the three books:

World Geography and Cultures

Glencoe World History

The American Vision

We are thrilled with our new Glencoe/McGraw-Hill relationship and we hope our involvement will help bring at least a smattering of greater joy to readers with the publication of each fine book.


  1. Thanks, Chris!
    Yes, GIS is great for ratcheting down Public Health issues and solving them, but GIS also helps visualize complex numerical data for any field of study in an easy-to-understand interface. GIS is the wave of the research future.


  2. That’s a great question, Emily. The book will have a 2008 Copyright but that usually means, in my experience, that the textbooks will be sent out in August or September. It takes awhile to get the books in the classroom.


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