If you do an internet search on — “parents test hair follicle” — you will be given a bunch of returns that help parents test the hairs of their children for long-term drug use.

Should parents be policing their children after the fact? 

Why shouldn’t we expect parents to proactive in keeping a behavioral eye on their offspring without exploiting their innocence over a parental narcissism that turns a cold eye to the injection of drugs, the snorting of cocaine and the swallowing of pills and booze?

If a parent is at the point where they must do a hair follicle test on their child — they have already lost the battle, and the child has won the war — because those parents are playing catch up to a criminal mind that is light years ahead of them.


  1. Hi David,
    I absolutely agree with you.
    If I have to do a secret test to know my kid’s life-style then I am no more than a stranger in their life.
    If we are ready to spend the energy and effort to figure out whether they are on drugs by secret policing, why can’t we spend a little more to time to connect with them?

  2. I think it’s too much effort nowadays to keep an eye on your kids, Katha — that’s what teachers and peers and policemen and firefighters and the FBI are for… parents don’t want to parent. They wan to give others authority over the morality of their children.