Upsherin: Why Strangers Think My Son is a Girl

Imagine the following — my wife, my son, and I were enjoying the Peter Pan ride, one of the featured rides at Walt Disney World which gets extremely lengthy lines and was considered worthy of getting the Fastpass feature. As our carriage came around to the end, the Walt Disney World cast member spotted us, smiles on our faces. He looked at my son and made eye contact and then asked, “How’d you like the ride, Princess?” I quickly chimed in, “Actually, he’s a prince.” He quickly apologized, but my speed in response came because he wasn’t the first person to mistake my son for a girl, nor would he be the last — although I thought we had done a good job of “boying” him up by putting him in blue jeans, R2D2 sneakers, and an R2D2 hooded sweatshirt.

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A Great Black Moment in White House History: May I Touch Your Hair?

A great bit of human drama unfolded in the White House last week and it was a simple and stunning moment that proved the humanity of our current president and the unfettered charm and inquisitiveness of an eager mind.  Barack Obama allowed a young boy to touch his hair.

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The Jolly Rancher Affair in Your Hair

I remember a time when, as a kid, getting candy OUT of your hair was a major, momentary, catastrophe that was only resolvable with a pair of scissors.  The resultant bald patch was your mark of dishonor for playing so poorly with such sticky candy.  I was, of course, curious to read about the recent Jolly Rancher in Your Hair Affair where a mother purposefully put Jolly Rancher candy in her child’s hair and then sent said child off to school for photo day.  Here’s a random image of what “Your Hair in Jolly Ranchers” looks like:

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Why the Dyson Ball Sucks in a Bad Way

Dyson Ball vacuums look great.  They also suck — and not in a great way. 
Don’t be fooled by the ball.  Don’t follow the ball.  Roll away from the ball now.

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Chris Rock's Bad Hair Day

Comedian Chris Rock is having a Bad Hair Day. His new movie, “Good Hair” is twisting in the wind under the accusation that he stole the idea for his movie from another movie.

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Hairy Situations

For the last seven years, I have always gotten my hair cut on a particular date on the Jewish Calendar : Lag B’Omer. For the first thirty two days between the second evening of Passover and Lag B’Omer, it is customary not to get your hair cut. I therefore always scheduled a haircut on this date. This year was different.

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The Eyelash Comb-Over

Allergan created a medication that will grow your eyelashes!  Do we want our eyelashes to grow long enough to become the bald man’s answer to a comb-over?

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