We are pleased to announce the formation of the Boles Blogs Network!  Now you can read a unified worldview with diverse truths and indisputable facts as we stretch our Urban Semiotic mandate into a wider web of ideas.  We also removed the “David W. Boles” part of the official title of all the network blogs to better serve our new, greater, mandate of inclusion.

What does the Boles Blogs Network mean to you?

It means you will still be able to read your favorite Urban Semiotic authors right here, but you will also be able to read them even more on the other blogs in our network!

We’re writing more, publishing more, and searching more to discover, divine and define the world around us in our ongoing quest to wrestle with the passion and magnitude of the universal human rhythms of storytelling.

On RelationShaping — you will read articles analyzing how we use technology to reshape each other.

All your favorite Urban Semiotic writers will appear on RelationShaping, too.

Over on our WordPunk blog, we will continue to examine how words and language sharpen our understanding of the world while simultaneously fostering misunderstanding.

All your favorite Urban Semiotic authors will be writing for WordPunk!

The last two blogs in the Boles Blogs Network include the Boles University Blog — where academics and technology are dissected to infect and re-fire our thinking about how we learn, why memes are created, and what it means to earn an education of the mind.

The final network blog is Celebrity Semiotic — where all celebrity goes to die!

If you enjoy what you’ve been reading here, we encourage you to check out our Boles Blogs Network because we are certain you’ll find even more to consider in the context of what forms understanding and communication.You can access all the Boles Blogs Network blogs in our sidebar, and the RSS feeds for the blogs also appear on every page of this blog.

We appreciate your support — and we look forward to seeing you over there, over here, over yonder and over and over!


  1. Fantastic ………..
    Also interesting you went for Blog network as opposed to Blog Family ………. 😉

  2. Thanks David, glad to get a chance to work with you too – it has really been a learning experience.

  3. Right-O, Gordon! I can’t wait to get your brain in those blogs, too! We have so much more to discover and I thank you for your dedication to this purpose.

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