The Princeton Atelier, created by SuperGenius author Toni Morrison, works to blend understanding and resolve conflict by using performance in the wake of logical thinking.

This Atelier explores how the skills of actors, designers and
playwrights can create an illusion that transforms the audience and —
even if only for brief moments — takes them into an altered reality.
Magic becomes an expressive tool that encourages spectators to question
what they see and hear on stage and interpret whether the performance
is an illusion or reality.

Students have a hunger to explore and launch into a crazy idea,” Lyford said. “The benefits of working with these Atelier students, whose majors include computer science, prospective physics and mathematics, is that they are willing to challenge the guest artists and create a theatrical performance that goes outside the traditional playwright/director model.”

We love the idea of mixing live performance with the unbending, and sometimes brittle, tenets of hard science.  Can a bit ever be a byte?  Or is a byte always a bit of a bite?

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