This image of “Dick Licking” was emailed to us for wanton analysis
and mocking — and we are happy to oblige with the usual caveats and

we stopped laughing, we realized how important context and conjecture
are when it comes to creating memeingful moments in a political milieu.

What worked then might fail today.

Would an “Obama Will Beat Them Off!” button have been more socially appropriate in 1972 instead of wholly ridiculous in 2009?

of the hardest tasks of teaching is helping students accept the notion
that there was a world spinning in a different frame long before they
set toes in the earth.

The challenge is to press
students into willingly losing their current condition and replacing
their present prejudices and wants with the mindset of a history they
did not know without judging the complications of that conditional
stasis against their ever-changing now.