After a year of yearning, Grand Central is now Google Voice!  The service is quick and efficient and it’s great to finally meet the new interface.

Migrating your existing account from Grand Central to Google Voice is simple.  When Google is ready to move you, an alert will be present in your Grand Central interface.  Click on the link, and in a couple of minutes, you’re ready to go!

One of the neatest features of Google Voice is Voicemail Transcription.  New Voicemail messages will be made into text that you can read online or on your cell phone!

Here’s an example of what Google Voice looks like after it transcribes your Voice Mail. 

You can vote on the usefulness of the transcription by clicking on the green check mark to approve or the red “X” to express your disapproval.

Google Voice is a great service but one wonders when — or if — it will be available as a Google Apps option.

If Google Voice remains separate from Google Apps, we will all have to question Google Voice’s final use as an effective business tool and begin to reckon it is really nothing more than an amusement instead of a powerful and unique translation tool between communication dyads.


  1. I like the idea of transcribed voicemails but I can just imagine the junque that will pour in ūüôā

  2. Gordon —
    One great thing about Google is they know how to handle Spam. You click on a button that identifies the caller as a Spammer and it gets marked forever locally and afar so everyone’s effort to root out Spam in the system benefits “the all of us.”

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