If you are an irresistible person — is that your fault or our fault? 

If you are pleasant and fun and delightful an terrific and beautiful and smart — how do you expect us to resist you?

I’m not talking about stalker behavior or anything negative or threatening — I’m only bringing up the matter of human irresistibility and if it is a learned trait or if it is something inborn and undeniable in its core.


  1. I wonder what it’s like to be irresistible. Would it be possible to be misanthropic if you are irresistible?

  2. Gordon!
    No, one could never be misanthropic and irresistible. I wonder if there are more irresistible women than men? My gut tells me — “yes” — and by quite a big margin!

  3. Don’t you imagine it’s one’s attitude and how they carry themselves with a great deal of confidence that draws the attention of others? Not to mention most of them are very charismatic!
    I’m not sure that some of it’s not hereditary … but I think some of it may also be acquired throughout life.
    The only way to be irresistible and misanthropic at the same time is to have a split personality:-) Otherwise, I think that would be considered unanimously, an impossibility.
    How funny! Women winning something by a big margin. Is that new?

  4. Kimberley! Yes, women do win most things by a large margin. SMILE! I think yo do need to have a bit of the irresistible gene in your DNA in order to fully execute its full potential.

  5. Does one learn how to be irresistable? I think – you either have it or don’t!

  6. That’s a good point, Katha. I think there are irresistible people, though, who have no idea they are irresistible. So, I suppose, in that case they need help in tending it to make it grow.

  7. Irresistable people being oblivious about it? That sounds interesting!

  8. Young women are generally most at risk, Katha. They may be inherently irresistible, and may not understand the how or the why of it. They need to be trained on its use and sometimes even its repression.

  9. Now I understand David, thanks! I think repression becomes even more important sometimes.

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