If you are an irresistible person — is that your fault or our fault? 

If you are pleasant and fun and delightful an terrific and beautiful and smart — how do you expect us to resist you?

I’m not talking about stalker behavior or anything negative or threatening — I’m only bringing up the matter of human irresistibility and if it is a learned trait or if it is something inborn and undeniable in its core.


  1. Don’t you imagine it’s one’s attitude and how they carry themselves with a great deal of confidence that draws the attention of others? Not to mention most of them are very charismatic!
    I’m not sure that some of it’s not hereditary … but I think some of it may also be acquired throughout life.
    The only way to be irresistible and misanthropic at the same time is to have a split personality:-) Otherwise, I think that would be considered unanimously, an impossibility.
    How funny! Women winning something by a big margin. Is that new?

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