Who knew you could “turn on” Jesus with the flick of your finger?  I can’t decide if this Jesus-Light-Switch-With-Children semiotic is more or less offensive than our previous winner, The Unholy Blow Job.

I do know the light switch warning to “Honor Thy Father and Mother” is especially inappropriate in the context of Jesus’ electric state of manhood.


  1. Wow! I’ve seen this light switch cover before but I honestly never thought of it that way. It puts it in an entirely new light! 🙂
    I wonder how parents will react once they realize the kind of imagery they are placing in the hands of their children!

  2. This light switch is far beyond bad taste! The suggestive nature of it is simply repulsive. They have certainly gone overboard!
    I have to say it, “I wonder if a Catholic priest or a pedophile was at the design table on this project?”

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