We have always enjoyed reading Camille Paglia’s articles in Salon.com, but we have been stupefied the past year or so over her ongoing and irrational public crush on perpetual quitter Sarah Palin.

Today, Paglia disingenuously argued this:

Of course you’d never know that from reading hit jobs like Todd Purdum’s sepulchral piece on Palin in the current Vanity Fair. Scurrying around Alaska with his notepad, Purdum still managed to find comically little to indict her with. Anyone with a gripe is given the floor; fans are shut out. This exercise in faux objectivity is exposed at key points such as Purdum’s failure to identify the actual instigator of Palin’s extravagant clothing bills (a crazed, credit-card-abusing stylist appointed by the McCain campaign) and his prissy characterization of Palin’s performance at the vice-presidential debate as merely “adequate.” Hey, wake up — Palin cleaned Biden’s clock! By the end, Biden was sighing and itching to split.

Palin cleaned Biden’s clock?

What debate was Paglia watching?

Biden was fed up with Palin’s refusal to answer a direct question and since he’d obviously been ordered by the Obama campaign to let her spew forth without repercussion or correction, he really had no one to debate — except himself — in wondering why he was stuck on the same stage with her.

Loyal Paglia readers have had to put up with her love crushes on Madonna and other female performers — but Paglia’s Palin infatuation has now gone too far into the ridiculous to be ignored and we, as the prescient and cogent public, need to correct her improper mores and damaging heroine worship and set her straight back on the path of universal recognition that Sarah Palin is dangerous because she is uneducated and un-curious and she doesn’t care to learn what she knows she doesn’t know. 

There’s no honor in protecting and promoting backward, fundamentalist, thinking — that sinks new ideas instead of celebrating human progression toward the light — and if Paglia ever hopes to regain her foothold as an intellectual rebel, she needs to first remove her adoring lips from the Barracuda’s backside.


  1. Frightening. I was reading her biography and you would think based on her history that she would intellectually be 100% against Palin – is it possible that she just favors her for her gender? Seems weird.

  2. That’s my shock of recognition as well, Gordon. For Paglia to try to rewrite the history of the Biden/Palin debate this morning is disingenuous at best and debased at the worst. I certainly hope this isn’t gender bias, but Paglia is becoming what she always railed against.
    Paglia has been trying for a long while now to sculpt Palin as Teddy Roosevelt — making her the new Grassroots Messiah of the moral Middle Class — but the facts, and Palin’s loathsome personality, keep getting in the way of the beatification of her playtime totem.
    I once had great admiration for Paglia, but now I believe she’s hatefully turning into Ann Coulter.

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