Just because technology allows you to live outside the box by standing outside the building in a box — should you?

It seems the people who run the Sears Tower in Chicago were bored with their building and so they added “viewing boxes” you can now use to stand outside the building on the 103rd floor to look out and down at the death waiting for you below.

I am left breathless wondering “Why?”  This seems like a terrible idea that is ripe for abuse, purposeful shattering, and intentional destruction by those who seek to smash the aesthetic of yearning and beauty.

Is the Second City having Grand Canyon Skywalk envy?

As Chicago shudders under the heels of the Sears Tower of Terror Boxes, we can only hope this ridiculous idea doesn’t end in a free fall to remember.

There’s no way out from down.


  1. Blurgh! I couldn’t even bear to stand on the balcony of my third floor apartment. I guess whatever sells, right?

  2. Gordon —
    Sure, whatever sells… but what about public safety? You know there’s some wacko out there right now trying to figure out how to smash that floor and watch the children fall 103 storeys to the ground below.

  3. That looks like so much fun! I love heights and think that this would be a blast. I don’t really think it’s more dangerous than a normal balcony- there are some very strong translucent building materials. A lone madman might be able to destroy it, but if I lived in fear of lone madmen I’d never board a train or enter public buildings. And this is just too awesome!
    –Lily, resident thrill-seeker

  4. You are a brave woman, Lily! I only think it’s more dangerous than a normal balcony — because it is 103 storeys in the air! SMILE!
    Don’t you think the thrill of “breaking the glass box” is much more thrilling — and tempting — than doing some sort of madman thing on a train? It’s candy temptation vs. lunchbox ordinary much in the same way you are blasted by the idea.

  5. I would take it David, that sounds like an experience in a lifetime!

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