Braille Band-Aids

I recently burned the second knuckle on my first finger — and that’s a spot that is hard to heal as you strum a guitar and while wearing gloves in cold weather.  A knuckle is always moving and when that injured knuckle is on your dominant hand, the pain pulses reverberate throughout your body with ever grasp and squeeze, cracking open the wound again.  Yesterday, I decided I couldn’t bite the cold bullet any longer and I bought a box of “Flexible Fabric” Band-Aids for “knuckle & fingertip” to protect my knuckle while roaming the world.  I was surprised Johnson & Johnson made such a specific Band-Aid for general public sale — I can’t remember the last time I used a Band-Aid, so I may be majorly out of the loop here; when I cut myself I just spit on the open wound and rub it with a finger until the blood congeals — but what took me most by surprise was the innovative packaging.

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From Boy Box to Plastic Man

There is something viscerally pleasing when your fingers have to dig in to the corners of a candy box to lift the flaps to reveal a hidden taste from the void.  Unfortunately, the boxed candy of my childhood has been replaced with the convenience of — and the impossibility of tearing open — a plastic bag.

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Wondering Why about the Sears Tower

Just because technology allows you to live outside the box by standing outside the building in a box — should you?

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Down Syndrome Baby in a Box

This incredible image is allegedly Sarah Palin’s 2008 Christmas card.  I say “allegedly” because I am hoping against all reason Sarah Palin did not put her “son” Trig — an 8.5 month-old Down Syndrome baby — in a box eating a bow just to create a “cute” Christmas card.

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