Sometimes it takes a criminal act to set us free from the Panopticonic Eye of our government watchers. 

They allegedly drove around town in a pickup truck with a cherry-picker to dismantle 22 of the high-end Nikons from their street poles. The devices are used to identify red-light-running drivers, who then are issued tickets by mail.

The suspects peddled an estimated $88,000 worth of goods to a camera resale shop for $300 each to feed their heroin habits, law-enforcement sources said yesterday.

It doesn’t matter that the Nikon cameras used
in the NYC Red Light Camera systems were stolen for their value — and not
to intentionally blind the government from watching us to fine us — because, in the
end, the result is the same:  The One-Eyed Beast has been blinded and a little lawlessness is our the dividend we spend to gather back the bits of our anonymous freedom.


  1. Wow. I’m amazed that there wasn’t more security for the cameras themselves – some sort of alarm on the locks, even. That was quite clever of the thieves.

  2. It was quite a scam, Gordon! The genius criminal mind at work is truly amazing. I agree those expensive Nikon cameras need to be secured in a much more robust manner. Why make the temptation so easy to get a fix?

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