Publishing opportunist and political hillbilly Rupert Murdoch doesn’t want Google to index his online properties like “The Wall Street Journal” because he doesn’t want people to read his stuff for free.

Misanthrope Murdoch only wants paying subscribers to have access to his material and we laugh at his quaint notion that you can stop a waterfall with your finger:  Google isn’t a dike and information, like waves on the ocean, cannot be locked down.

We encourage Google to accept Murdoch’s threat and then go the extra step and remove any and all links to Murdoch, his family, his companies, anything Fox — and prove to him in his bones how wrong he is to decide what we are allowed to discover and read online.

Google can wipe Rupert Murdoch off the face of the ethereal earth and we cannot wait to live in that brighter world.

Posted by David Boles

David Boles was born in Nebraska and his MFA is from Columbia University in the City of New York. He is an Author, Lyricist, Playwright, Publisher, Editor, Actor, Designer, Director, Poet, Producer, and Boodle Boy for print, radio, television, film, the web and the live stage. With more than 50 books in print, David continues to write 2MM words a year. He has authored over 25K articles and published more. Read the Prairie Voice Archive at | Buy his books at David Boles Books Writing & Publishing | Earn the world with David Boles University | Get a script doctored at Script Professor | Touch American Sign Language mastery at Hardcore ASL.


  1. Looks like it hasn’t worked out so well for the WSJ or they just gave up. Google continues linking to their articles!



    1. I think that’s the smart business move for Dow Jones, Gordon!



  2. […] speech, albeit one that went against everything we were taught in school. The speech taught that greed was good and important. We were taught in school that greed was bad and that sharing with others was good and […]



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