Finding the right electric guitar pick can quickly become an infatuation.  I’m lucky that I found the Dunlop Ultex pick straight away and I haven’t looked back or yearned for something better.

The thing I love about an Ultex pick — I use the 1.0 — is in the strength of the pick.  It does not bend, shred, change shape or scratch.  It also is not mean enough to break your strings!

I have been using the same 1.0 Ultex pick for eight months — that’s three hours of playing a day for six days a week using the same, exact, pick — and the pick looks the same today as it did when I first picked it up in May.

Before the Ultex, I tried every pick out there.  Even my Fender Custom Shop and Gibson Custom Shop picks can’t compare to my Ultex.

When you use a pick, you don’t want it to bend or chip.  You want a pick that is unchanged and unchanging because that forces your finger and thumb to move the pick instead of the pick moving you.

That sort of unbendable and unbearable unbreakableness of the Ultex pick means your playing is more precise, louder and more directly on spec because you are in total control of your pick.  There are no variables you have to guess about or think around because the pick you pick up is the pick that remains the same until you place it down.

If you haven’t had the joy of using an Ultex 1.0 pick yet — go get one today and find out just how much louder and softer and more in control you can sound by just by strumming the wonderment of a Dunlop Ultex guitar pick..


  1. I’m almost tempted to get one just for its raw beauty! Well, that and I’m going to be borrowing a guitar soon (acoustic) and this would hit the spot!

  2. That’s exciting news, Gordon! What sort of acoustic are you getting and where is it coming from? Make sure you get the 1.0 Ultex picks — they’re the hardest.

  3. I’m not sure what sort of acoustic it is other than it currently belongs to a friend of mine and she has it laying about for the time being without using it. 🙂 I will insist on 1.0!

  4. Outstanding, Gordon! I can’t wait for you to get your hands on the guitar! You can buy the Ultex 1.0 picks right on Amazon. They have an excellent price, too.

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