In order to preserver the history of who we are on, this was our original mandate 14 years ago:

We are an international theatre consortium and we believe the Playwright’s the thing. For over 20 years we have advocated the position that the Playwright must be the centerpiece of the dramatic process at all levels in order to completely realize the core of the creation and to completely release the conflict of the play as it winds up on stage.

Too often the brightness of the Playwright is dimmed in the glitter of spectacle and the rabble of the rehearsal process.

A Playwright sheds a light that is best appreciated in the dark:  In a night sky bursting with stars; the silky moon.

Please touch around here and if you have something you would like to share on this site that will enhance our mission… a play, an experience, a philosophy, a production or an inspiration… touch the email address below to let us know.


  1. I am so fascinated reading your comments about stage play writers directing their plays. I wrote a biblical musical which am sure will open people eyes to some info on this particular play, I even intend to postulate a theory stating what the teaching on the play is partially true. But I cannot bring it to succeed due to money matter. Is there any way I can be advised to direct my play?
    Thank you.

  2. justashephard —
    My advice is for you to stage your own show! You can perform in a church basement, a school auditorium or even a playground. Don’t let the space intimidate or stop you. Getting a performance in front of an audience will make its own ongoing magic for you.

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