Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood are two musical icons who have each had musical careers spanning half a century.  When you put them together on stage — it happened in February of 2008 at Madison Square Garden in New York City — you get 50 years of cascading Blues that have defined the hopes and emotions of three generations.

In this performance of “Can’t Find My Way Home” — not in New York City and not in Madison Square Garden — you can hear how Steve Winwood sounds just as young and fresh as he did in 1968.  Clapton is also in full-force and the two of them together create a greater musical impulse than they ever could apart.

The record of the Clapton/Winwood performance in New York City is preserved in the 21-song compilation — “Live from Madison Square Garden” — and no real Blues fan should be without it because you’ve never heard “Low Down” or “Forever Man” or “After Midnight” or “Little Wing” or “Voodoo Chile” or “Cocaine” sung so well.


  1. Love the article idea, Gordon! I’m going 100% digital with all my music as soon as possible. Putting iTunes libraries in the cloud like LaLa will the the best of everything and I hope Apple doesn’t ruin the promise of LaLa by messing up iTunes.

  2. Don’t get me wrong — I have digital copies of all of my vinyl and I only listen to music digitally. For the touch and feel aspect, however, I am all about vinyl. 🙂

  3. I wish! I’m actually afraid to play the vinyl on a record player unless I can one day get one of those big beautiful expensive laser record players that doesn’t damage records but still has the same vinyl sound. 🙂

  4. $13,000 right now.
    In theory, it’s a “lifetime investment”.
    Chiefly because you don’t have to replace records that are rendered unplayable by playing them too often. 🙂

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