Last night, the United States House of Representatives — led by the vibrant Nancy Pelosi — made history in passing the first comprehensive healthcare bill.  Republicans — who unanimously oppose universal healthcare — have mocked the program as “ObamaCare” yet history will prove “ObamaCare” will be the greatest legacy a President had gifted a nation since FDR and the New Deal in 1932. 

The ObamaCare has its eye on us — watching out for us! — and the fact that not one Republican voted for the healthcare bill will be their undoing in the next election and every election thereafter because they are now on-the-record voting for death, sickness and the previous public cruelty so many of us suffered under as uninsured citizens of the richest nation in the history of the world.

The Democrats repudiated that suffering shame and saved us all from the selfish interests of Insurance companies and their sentinel Republican goaloers.

The fact that Republicans are not interested in people is nothing new — they by far protect bankers and health insurance companies and polluting big businesses over the welfare of the common folk — proves what we’ve known all along, but were afraid to confess:  The Democrats care about giving us a hand up, while the Republicans only care about keeping us down.

ObamaCare will now be the red-hot-poker used against those cruel “Big Business” conservative politicians to cue their endless demise — and the fact that Republicans couldn’t stop universal healthcare, even in its current and imperfect form — proves to a nation of the wide-eyed and the hurting that choosing Obama, and life, over the Conservative status quo agenda and a punishing suffering — is just the sort of national moment of change we all have been longing for for so long.


  1. This is going to be excellent, and all of the naysayers can be proved wrong through fact rather than delusional nightmares of what they want people to think will happen.

  2. Obama now has a hardcore, legitimate, presidency that shames all other modern efforts. He finally took advantage of the power the people gave him and now he’d better keep using it before the sea changes.

  3. Funny how in the two years since it has passed the hatred from the right has only intensified and the Obama administration itself has embraced the “obamacare” term and even sells shirts with it, tongue fully in cheek.

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