When Sandra Bullock was thanking people at one of the award ceremonies where she won an award, she thanked her husband, Jesse James, for having her back. Given the events of the last couple of weeks, I am starting to wonder if having her back meant that he was deeply stabbing her in it.

First we had Tiger Woods the whoremaster who was found to be sleeping with more and more women as time went on and now we have whoremaster Jessie James and his now estranged wife Sandra Bullock.

It was only a few months ago when Sandra told Niecy Nash of The Insider that she would have not stopped at hitting her husband just once had he cheated on her.

Now that we know that Ms. Bullock’s husband cheated on her with not just one, but multiple women, can we assume that she is in hiding because she is prepared to go on the attack?

Is that really hard to believe when, after a third woman came forward, the reaction of James was rather unusual.

James has not responded to the accusations, other than to issue a blanket apology to his wife and his children. He did not specifically say what it was he was apologizing for.

Is this all part of a larger Oscar curse — wherein most women that win the Best Actress Award end up splitting from their spouses?

We know that there is no such thing as coincidence — and so there must be something to that idea.


  1. It is sort of funny that two men with such different tastes and aesthetics in life both burned the women they claimed to love and adore in the same way. I think Tiger’s curse is worse — he sold himself as the infallible Golden Boy — while Jesse James has always been a sub-human and a wretched example of a real man. I still have no idea what Sandra was thinking when she decided to marry him forever.

  2. My late grandmother Irina Davidescu told me that there were few faithful people in acting because of all the time they spend going from kissing one person to kissing another without giving it a second thought. Of course, she spent years watching Days of Our Lives — where monogamy means nothing.

  3. Yes! A kiss always means something — even in the context of “a job” — and many actor/actress marriages cannot last because of the fleeting, but “excused,” infidelity.

  4. That’s right, David. Perhaps that is why Julia Robert’s character in Pretty Woman said that she would do anything but she wouldn’t kiss on the mouth — because of the intimacy involved.

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