You see it all the time in the streets now — Gender Resentment is on the rise — and, I argue, even though I don’t support it, Gender Resentment is the directly descended result of the women’s liberation movement where men now abandon their common courtesy and human values when it comes to “equalizing” women by diminishing them in public.

Case in point:  Last week on a Manhattan street corner, a sharply dressed couple were trying to hail a cab in a rattling rain.  He towered over her.  She was shivering in a rain-soaked jacket.

The man held a newspaper over his head and peered up the street..

The woman adjusted her rain hat.

Each had hand raised for the hail.  Cab after cab passed by them.

“Why won’t they stop?”  She asked him.

“They can’t see us.  Go stand in the street to hail one down.”  He said.

“My new shoes will get wet.  The water is ankle-high.”

“You’re a big girl.  Wade in and raise your hand.”

“Why can’t you do it?  You’re wearing boots.”

He didn’t move.

She gave him a look of knives and trudged into the street to try to tie down a taxi.

“$600.00 shoes.  Ruined!”

Eventually the pair were able to get a cab that she hailed, but the example in that embarrassing performance of male culpability, is not one of rudeness, but of purpose.

That’s but one example of many Gender Resentment issues I see every day on the street.

Gender equality is, and never was, about being 100% equal in everything — that’s an impossible task that can never be achieved — it was always more about fair access to opportunity than “women can do everything a man can do” and then men daring women to actually do everything they do without support or sympathy.

If we understand equality begins with fair access to opportunity — and that it isn’t about physical or psychological games we play with each other to teach some sort of debased, miserly, life lesson — then we can begin to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of each of us that isn’t defined by gender or Race or nationality, and that will be the ultimate gift of equal respect we can offer to each other and to the rest of the world in our example. 


  1. Seems like the guy was a bit of a jerk. It’s time that people recognize the real meaning of gender equality and stop mucking about being rude based on their perception of equality.

  2. Right, Gordon. These gender issues can be bent around over themselves and then back again to excuse all sorts of caddish behavior in the name of “gender equity.”

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