Today, the iPad is fulfilling it mission of appropriately and coyly tempting international wanderlust.  Yesterday, closer to home, our two iPads finally arrived a few days before scheduled delivery after we purchased them online from Apple the first week of May.  After less than a day of playing with the iPad, I can confirm what I said way back on February 5, 2010:  The iPad is a killer device.  Here are my iPad-only Apps:

Here are my iPhone/iPod touch/iPad compatible Apps.

I have no idea why Apple separates the Apps like this in iTunes.  It’s confusing:

I have a lot of Apps — over 600 — but only a few of them, as you can see, are “iPad Apps” and all the rest are for my iPhone.  By default, my iTunes wants to install every single App I purchased on my iPad.  I deselected all the Apps, and then had to go in, one-by-one, and check a box to tell iTunes which Apps I really wanted installed.  There needs to be a drop-down menu option for “iPad Only” Apps to make the initial sync setup faster and friendlier.

It took 10 hours to move around 5,000 songs onto my iPad.  I’m using the new “lower bit rate” option in iTunes — and that saves me a tons of space on my iPad — but it takes a long time for the live, active, “down-conversion” of the each audio file as it is installed on the device.

The iPad is everything you’ve read it to be — it’s fast, it’s beautiful, it’s a workhorse.

I use my iPad to do web research, answer mail, and write articles.  It’s like having my own little mini-me who already knows who I am, where I want to go, and what I plan to do next.

The greatest gift, however, is the iPad’s innate ability to be musical.  I can write music with my iPad.  I can listen to music.  I can study music.  I can play a piano App on the iPad and have it connect as a midi instrument in Garage Band.  Killer stuff!

If you have an inkling you might enjoy an iPad — just go get one — you will not be disappointed and you will begin to live again in a whole, new, wonderful way!


  1. Love love love my iPad. Reading news and surfing is just so natural. It will be a big seller to older people who don’t have a computer or email addresses. There are lots of them around and now I have an easy solution to help get them online.

    1. I’m with you all the way! You saw the value of the iPad before I did. I was completely fine in skipping it. Now, though, I can’t look at my iPhone the same way. It’s so tiny and scrawny in every way compared to the iPad… good thing my iPhone can make calls and do SMS and go into vibrate mode or else it would be out the window into the trash bin! SMILE!

    1. I understand your concern, Gordon. We bought the 3G version and waited two months to buy to make sure there weren’t any nasty hardware bugs. We didn’t read anything negative about the device in our scouring. It’s so much fun to use. It adds joy to working.

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