Today, Apple will reveal the new iPhone HD, and while some online sites are celebrating the future possibility of charging your future iPhone via the sunshine, I still don’t think that’s green enough.

Why can’t Apple capture the wasted energy we use pressing against the capacitive screen hundreds and thousands of times a day on our iPhones and iPads, and then use that static charge from our filthy finger swipes to fill up our batteries?

If we could use finger swipes to charge our batteries, then we would be required to play intensively fun games like Angry Birds just to keep the juice flowing!

The technology for battery-charging-via-swiping must be out there somewhere already and I certainly hope Apple will soon bring that technology to our twitchy fingers.

Our future gamer life depends upon the ability to recharge while lolling!


  1. That would work, too, Gordon! I don’t get the solar charging idea. That means you have to be awake and outside during the day — and we both know most iPhone fanatics work inside and live in the basement!

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