From July 1976 to July 1977 in New York City, David Berkowitz — The Son of Sam — terrorized the entire city and killed six people and injured many others with a Charter Arms Bulldog Pug .44 like the one below.

Some in the Evangelical Christian movement are obsessed with murderers and serial killers and they will go to any political and public relations length to pin their Redeemer-in-Christ totem to the hopeful blood-encrusted-soul of a killer.

The bloodier the murder, it seems, the better their religious political motives are rewarded in the press.

David Berkowitz is the current Evangelical murder media darling, and if you do a search on his name on YouTube, you will see some incredibly disgusting interviews with the “redeemed” killer.

Thankfully, 62 days ago, the State of New York denied Berkowitz parole for a fifth time:

Your actions exhibited a total disregard for not only the law but the lives of innocent members of society. Not only did you harm the victims and their families but the N.Y.C. community as a whole. During the interview you offered very little insight into your criminal behavior and declined to elaborate when asked. Consideration has been given to your positive behavior. … However, to release you would so deprecate the serious nature of the I.O. [instant offense] as to undermine respect for the law. Additionally your release is not in the interest of the public safety and welfare. Parole is therefore inappropriate.

We remember.

The Evangelicals want us to wash the sin and forgive the sinner.

We will not wash.

We cannot forget.

While I understand the game — “Christ can redeem the soul of any sodden man” — I am repulsed by the memes used to prod that message into the public square.

I would much prefer to seen the Evangelicals do the quieter, dirtier, harder, work of redeeming the everyday, anonymous, soul — like that of the alcoholic father or the emotionally abusive mother or the lurking pedophile priest — saving the unknown children and the family in the process.

Today’s religious redemption can’t be quiet.  Salvation must be loud and abrasive and obnoxious and toot horns and jangle bells and blow whistles to get attention.  Negative attention is fine.  Attention is attention.

Pickax murder Karla Faye Tucker was another unseemly charge of the Evangelical Right in 1998 — until she rightly met her maker in a lethal injection needle administered by the State of Texas.

I remember Pat Robertson crying on television and pleading then Gov. George W. Bush to spare her life.  Spare her life?!  Because she read the Bible and nodded her head?  Absurd!  Karla should’ve been killed with a pickax to the head just to bring equilibrium to the justice system and satiety to the Human Race.

I was recently attacked by a “redeemer believer” after I published my, “I Know Who Killed Wendy Hile” article, and the fakery and the artifice of the argument that we should celebrate Wendy’s killer — while negating her rape and murder as a teenager — was stomach-turning.  Wendy has been dead and left behind for 36 years while her killer now roams free, with a family and a good job, in Omaha.

What bothers me most about the Evangelical redemption cycle of the salted sinner is the mouldering bones they sanctimoniously leave in their wake.  You can’t unbury the victims of the murderer — so instead you try to resurrect the dead through the free breath testimony of their killers?  That mendacious methodology is absurd and insulting to any cogent human being and it needs to stop.


    1. That’s precisely what I thought, Gordon. Berkowitz can’t control the radicals racing to hold his hand, but if he were a True Christian, he could press them away and say, “This is between me and my God and the families I tortured” and be done with it.

      Berkowitz has always been a narcissist in need of attention and fame, though — so he’s a perfect match made in hell for the Evangelicals seeking to publicly redeem him.

      Can you imagine if O.J. Simpson had been found guilty of killing Ron Goldman and Nicole? He would’ve been Number One with a Bullet as the Evangelicals tripped over themselves to sit jailside and publicly resurrect him. That would’ve been Earth Shattering Big Money.

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