Kim Kardashian is clearly a woman with a beautify body — but is she a good human being?  Does she deserve our rapt attention and careful imitation?  Or has she only, repeatedly, earned our pity?  Kim first stung our national eye red while starring in a graphic sex videotape — and, since that embarrassment, she’s feature danced in a sad reality television show that demonstrates her inbred lack of social mores and a vacancy of proper cultural values; she posed nude for Playboy and later regretted her bad taste in exposing her flesh — and this week she appears butt-naked-but-painted-in-silver on the cover of W magazine:  The badonkadonk doth protest too much, wethinks.

Kim must believe her current W magazine exposure is “art” while she now thinks her Playboy stunt was beneath her aesthetic morality — even though she took off her clothes and posed for money.

Is Ms. Kardashian just another middling flesh opportunist, or is she instead a substantial, but clever, thinker whose moral motives and artistic inspirations the rest of the world have yet to understand, let alone, comprehend?

Are we attracted to Kim’s body or are we drawn to what her mind has to offer the greater resonances of the world?

Will we still hunger for the hussiness of Kim Kardashian’s nakedness 50 years from now — or will she willfully remove herself from the public panopticon to preserve our fleshy memory of her flouncy body in the prime of her life?


  1. Our roomate Chad loves the Kardashians while we find it hard to tolerate their antics. Sex sells, clearly — and she is, to me, an immodest fleshy flouncer who deserves none of our attention.

    1. I admit to being sort of enchanted by her, Gordon — and the fact that she was one of the first people to follow me on Twitter continues to fondly tether me to her — but she needs to become more than just a big butt of flesh if she wants any sort of stamina and standing in the world. It’s too easy to write her off as just another hopeful instead of someone with importance, integrity, and a mission — and I blame most of it on bad management by mommy.

  2. I am aware of them but have so far not seen any of their shows or followed their antics anywhere, so I don’t waste much of my attention on them.

    As for that cover shot above, it does nothing for me, I don’t it is a very good shot regardless of who the subject is.

    1. Hey Mik!

      I’ve never watched the Kardashian reality show, either. Compared to her awful, tentative, Playboy “shoot” — this new image of her is much more refined and tasteful — which is saying a lot without saying much. SMILE!

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