I have a lot of amps and I am always curious to see which amp heads and which combo amps will come with a cover or padded case included with the purchase.  I always wonder if an amp comes with the cover if that means the amp is more prone to breaking or is it just a scheme to makes us feel better about paying a higher price?

Most of my combo amps arrived coverless while almost all of my amp heads came with some sort of bag.

Does that mean a standalone amp head is more brittle than one encased in a big, wooden, box with a speaker?  Or does it mean an amp cover is just another convenient way to help sell a brand?

I know a lot of bands and none of them use amp covers.  They just toss their gear in the back of a van and go.

Do you use an amp cover?  If yes, why, and in what situation — and if not, why not?

Oh, and as a silly, closing, sidenote, I wanted to share with you my Google Calendar entry today for this article.  I track all my blog ideas on my Boles University calendar and then label those entries with a Boles Blogs Network label for easy, visual, identification of what’s due on a certain day.

I usually just do a quick entry, and pick a label, and let Google Calendar handle the rest.

Today, when I opened the specifics for my “Putting Your Head in a Bag” article to check to see if I’d written any notes in the description box, I was surprised to find Google placed the “Where” of my article — in “a bag” — as you can see in the screenshot below.

Google Calendar is good about sniffing out times and locations when you just fill in the main reservation window — but I would think “at” and not necessarily “in” would fire the automatic “where” insertion.

Okay, so “Where: a Bag” has an auto-generated “map” hotlink created by Google Calendar — and I would be remiss if I didn’t click through and show you the what of where Google intended me to be today.

Here’s the screenshot of that click-through:  Pure evidence Google are guessing right along with me about the were of “a Bag” really leads.

Amp cover or no — Google has your head covered coming and going — and in the bag.


    1. Google are definitely always good for a laugh, Gordon! SMILE!

      I actually use the amp head bags for other things. They can be handy storage devices for more delicate stuff!

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