The Rickshaw Small Zero Messenger Bag Review

Based on my history, I think you could say that I have pretty awful luck when it comes to messenger bags. One of my first messenger bags came free of charge with a subscription to a now defunct magazine called Cargo that was meant to be the men’s version of Lucky magazine, a shopping magazine. I honestly got the subscription because it was ten dollars and came with the bag.

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The Tom Bihn Ristretto Bag Review for My 11-inch MacBook Air

I am a big bag lover.  I am constantly on the move to find the perfect bag for every moment.  It’s rare that you can find a single bag that can unite your days.  It’s more likely you’ll have to use a purpose-drive purse — I mean “Man Bag!” — to help sort and protect your day.

I always wanted to try a Tom Bihn bag made by hand in Seattle.  I have always liked the whole mission and purpose of the company —

At TOM BIHN, we design and manufacture sophisticated laptop bags and cases, laptop backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, travel bags, checkpoint-friendly bags and accessories in our own Seattle factory. We offer eye-catching designs and unusually attentive customer service. We use the best quality materials, superior construction and Tom’s 30+ years of design experience to build a better laptop bag. Our bags are available for order through this Web site with worldwide shipping or at our Seattle retail store.

— and when my new MacBook Air 11-inch showed up needing some protection, I knew the time was right to sidle up and settle down $120.00USD to the West Coast for a Bihn bag especially made and designed for my tiny beauty.

I present to you the Tom Bihn Ristretto for the 11-inch MacBook Air:

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Bagging the Tea Party

I have been stumped why the miscreants in the Tea Bag Party haven’t been shunned and shown the curb by now when it comes to governing our nation.  Instead of summarily dismissing them for their insane, anti-American wishes, the President kowtows to them and coddles them and attempts to pacify them.  The Republicans are terrified of their own radicals and refuse to control them.  What now?  Unrestrained hatred will flow downhill into every creek and river to poison the land and foul the watershed until we’re all dead or dying.

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Why a Sack and a Bag are Synonymous

I never get tired of the “Ye Olde Sack and Bag” comedy routine routinely — for some reason — acted out in my life at least every couple of months and I fall prey to the skit every single time.

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Putting Your Head in a Bag

I have a lot of amps and I am always curious to see which amp heads and which combo amps will come with a cover or padded case included with the purchase.  I always wonder if an amp comes with the cover if that means the amp is more prone to breaking or is it just a scheme to makes us feel better about paying a higher price?

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From Boy Box to Plastic Man

There is something viscerally pleasing when your fingers have to dig in to the corners of a candy box to lift the flaps to reveal a hidden taste from the void.  Unfortunately, the boxed candy of my childhood has been replaced with the convenience of — and the impossibility of tearing open — a plastic bag.

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Burned Tea Thumbs: Lipton Pyramid Tea Bags

I love coffee, but I am also besotted by tea. I know tea has great health benefits: A doctor friend of mine only drinks tea and never coffee and when you ask him why he refuses to drink coffee he looks you surgically dead in the eye with great precision and says, “I drink tea.”
The great folks at Lipton — and I admire that company because, for the last 100 years, they brought tea time to the American masses — have revolutionized the tea business with their new synthetic “pyramid” tea pouches where “only the top two leaves and a bud are blended to delivery an exceptionally pure tea taste and aroma”:

Tea Time

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