One of my most popular reviews of all time was written in Urban Semiotic on January 29, 2006 for the — Gillette Fusion Power Razor — and I am still stunned by the amount of readers who hit that article each and every day after nearly six years of continuous publication.  Today, I invite you to meet the replacement razor for the Fusion Power — the Gillette Fusion ProGlide!  Yes, it vibrates.  Yes, the motor shuts itself “off” after eight minutes of use in case the power button is pressed without your notice.

The first thing you notice about the ProGlide is that is feels better in your hand.  It is “grippier” and sleeker and lighter.  The ProGlide provides a 100% better, faster, and closer shaving experience than the Fusion Power.

The greatest thing about the ProGlide is that is is self-cleaning.  The problem I always had with the Fusion Power was that skin and beard stubble and shave gel would clog the razor much too quickly.

The ProGlide is built with the ability to channel the shaving debris away from your skin.  You don’t have to use your fingernail any longer to remove the bits of beard stuck in the rubber comfort guard at the bottom of the blades.  There are new “cut outs” in the guard to the let the gunk get itself out of your razor without your hapless intervention.

The lubricating strip lasts on the ProGlide lasts twice as long as the Fusion Power and the one-blade trimmer on the back of the shaving head is somehow much more precise and sharp in cutting away those stray hairs along your ears and between your eyebrows and that gnarly place right beneath your nostrils.

Oh, and the five blades on the ProGlide are much thinner and stronger than those found on the Fusion Power.

Shaving can be one of the delights in life or one of the pitfalls.  If you’re bored with maintaining a beardless face — give the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor a go — and find out just how fun and pleasurable shaving can really be in the face of a groggy morning.


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