The man gathered everyone around in the town square.

He told them that he would offer something, the likes of which had never been seen prior to that.

When pressed for a description, he said he could not show them anything if they didn’t pay up first.

One boy said he couldn’t believe it and that his father told him not to buy anything without seeing it first and so that boy left empty-handed.

Someone asked if they could know if it was similar to something they knew already and he said that it was not — it was a unique entity and was only similar to itself.

The crowd built up in size and people pushed over one another to try to get a look at the man holding up the small boxes, ready to take their money in exchange.

The first man that gave over some money opened up the box and then fainted and so the man in the square warned them not to open the boxes until they were peacefully sitting at home.

One by one, they paid the man in the square and walked away with their boxes.

One man was seen to be shaking his box with a confused look on his face as he walked away — that man was never seen again.

Only when they all got home did they realize how empty their boxes were.


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