We are mighty big fans of Kickstarter, and when we saw David Chavez’s absolutely brilliant design for the “Haptica Braille Watch” we knew we were instantly in love with the binding of function and absolute beauty to solve a dire need.

My genuine fear is that the Haptica Braille Watch is in danger of not getting its Kickstarter funding.

With only 17 days to go, not even a third of the required $150,000.00USD has been raised.

What a sad state.

Here’s a PR blurp on the Haptica Braille Watch that might enliven you a bit to invest:

Haptica™ is a Braille watch that allows blind people to check the time quickly and accurately without an audible disruption.

Haptica™ presents a logical alternative for the blind and replaces the archaic products currently available.

Haptica provides precision and discretion to the user and seeks to improve the quality of life for blind people. Blind people represent a market that is oftentimes over looked and underserved when it comes to good design.

We want to change that, but we need your help.

The Haptica Braille Watch works by providing raised numbers in Braille that the Blind can feel with their fingertips to tell time.

In the Rotten Old Days, the Blind would have to use a watch with a flip up crystal that would let them “feel” the position of the watch hands.

Or they could ask someone.

Or they could buy a “talking watch” that announces to the world exactly the one thing they really don’t want anyone else to hear:  They don’t know what time it is.

If you can spare five dollars, I hope you will try to help the Haptica Braille Watch become a production reality.  You won’t be charged anything unless and until the funding budget goal is reached.

If you can spare $250.00USD, you’ll get a t-shirt, and a wristband, and a first production run of the actual watch — and you don’t have to be Blind to use the Haptica.

If you learn the Braille numbers, you can “read” the watch dots with your eyes — maybe that isn’t the ultimate design intention… to give Sighted People a cool watch — but if, in the end, that means the Blind will have a better life with a better watch, who are we to object to the notion of a Braille Watch for the Sighted?


        1. Fantastic, Gordon! I really want to go in on the $250 level. I’m waiting for the Big Boss’ approval before moving forward. I’m sure Janna will love the whole idea.

  1. UPDATE:

    Hmm. This morning I went to put our skin in the game at the $250.00 level and in the payment process there was a warning from Amazon — the investments processor for Kickstarter — that the money would be tied up from today until JUNE 4, 2011. Why? If the deadline for the Kickstarter project is March 4, 2011 and the project does not get funded — why does Amazon continue to place a $250.00 hold on my credit card for another three months?

    We did not invest.

    I deleted my Kickstarter account.

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