Osama Bin Laden is finally dead and swimming with the fishes thanks to the dedicated effort of our Commander-in-Chief and our national intelligence agencies and our troops on the ground.  After 19 months of dedicated tracking, patience paid off, and the man who came after us in New York City is now dead.  Mission Now Accomplished — unlike the baldfaced lie told to us by a previous president who chose to hunt down Saddam Hussein and kill him for 9/11 instead of Bin Laden.

Keith Olbermann makes a keen observation that Obama found our nemesis by returning to a more traditional form of intelligence gathering and execution instead of playing the “Daddy’s Revenge” card:

It is fascinating that after a decade of breaking all of our traditions of spycraft and not torturing so we wouldn’t get bad intelligence and not starting wars that don’t have anything to do with the matter at hand, it only took two years, three months, and eleven days after reverting to the ordinary old hard slog of human intelligence, the target was eliminated. In fact, based on the skeletal timeline the President gave, the target was located only 19 months after the old rules were restored. Remember: the professionals always say spying and intelligence (military intelligence included) resembles not Ian Fleming’s James Bond, but John LeCarre’s George Smiley.

Of course, and without pause, Fox News belittled the magnificent moment by reporting that it was actually president Obama who was dead and not Bin Laden:

Not to be outdone by her Fox masters, Sarah Palin posted this to her Twitter stream:


No mention of Obama or the other national elements that went into finding Bin Laden and killing him. Nope! She only generically panders to the troops. She can’t be gracious even in a moment of pure American relief that one of the small monsters in the world is no longer around to terrorise us from afar. I’m sure she’ll win the GOP nomination now because the Republicans can’t run a real race against a sitting War Hero President. Palin will be their sacrificial lamb given to Obama for a 2012 slaughtering; then they can begin to rebuild and recover their party and realign anew from her ashes and the mouldering tea leaves surrounding her.


    1. Yes, her omission is so “on purpose” that it is laughable. Even G.W. Bush did the right thing and thanked the President in his press release. That’s why I think Palin just became canon fodder for the GOP. Let her loose for 2012 and make her the nominee with Huckabee as her second — Romney is too level-headed and Eastern to fit under her. Let Palin do whatever she wants. She will call all the shots. If she wins, great. If she loses, then they’re rid of her forever.

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