Two friends, Ron and Tom, were sitting in a cafe — each drinking a cup of coffee.

Ron said to Tom, “I went to this restaurant last night.”

Tom said, “I know — I saw that you checked in there on Foursquare.”

Ron said, “I have to tell you about their fettucini in cream sauce.”

Tom replied, “No need — I read your review on Yelp.”

Ron said, “I heard the funniest joke the other day.”

Tom stopped him, saying “You made it a status update on Facebook, remember?”

Ron looked down at his phone and updated his Twitter status.

Tom took out his phone and sent a reply to Ron’s status.

Neither of them spoke for the rest of the time they sat across from one another, and then they simultaneously just left.


    1. Thanks, David. The idea came to me while I was washing dishes and imagining two people, each of whom are socially networked yet incapable of networking in a face to face manner. ­čś«

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