The Boles Blogs Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Mid 2013 Review

Yesterday, I took delivery of a brand-new Apple MacBook Air 13-inch computer.  I decided to leap on this upgrade for several reasons.  First, I love my Apple MacBook Air 11-inch model and it has been my main machine for 18 months, but it was starting to show its technical age.  The SSD drive was only 256GB and memory, at 4GB, was in short supply when it came to the work day.  Google Play Music live streaming would stutter and go bump in the night.   I am now back to true multi-tasking with this spec’d out machine.  My 11-inch MacBook Air was suffering from a lack of space and mind.  You can see part of my Apple family below.  The 13-in MacBook Air is in the center, my old, non-retina, iPad is my clock on the left, the 11-inch MacBook Air is nearby for comparison, and my beloved Thunderbolt display is on the right.

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The Bramble Diaries: Alentejo Shed Kittens Update

Here’s an update on my new friends: Cats from that Red Other’s Alentejo Shed!

Nimbus — he is all legs and climbing all over the place.

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Toshiba Qosmio Update

It has been a month since I unpacked and loaded up my Qosmio G15-AV501 as a replacement for my Toshiba M205 TabletPC and I confess I have never used a better or more efficient machine. I do have a single pixel stuck on green but I can live with it because having one stuck pixel is rare.

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The Virgin Vegan Update

My wife and I have been Vegan for over 2.5 years and I wanted to take a moment to update you on our progress. Everything here is terrific. We are strong. We are fit. We are happy. We do not suffer. We want for nothing! This update will share with you some of the touchstones for living a Vegan life we have discovered.

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