It has been a month since I unpacked and loaded up my Qosmio G15-AV501 as a replacement for my Toshiba M205 TabletPC and I confess I have never used a better or more efficient machine. I do have a single pixel stuck on green but I can live with it because having one stuck pixel is rare.

Most people have more than 10 stuck pixels on a screen of this size and
I finally set up my Qosmio G15-AV501 with the Windows Media Center 2005
features and it is a great pleasure to be able to sit here with a giant
17″ screen and work on my research while also watching all my Comcast
Digital TV stations in a small window on the same screen! The machine
is built to be in “always on” mode if you wish to have total access to
your computing and television at all times.

The Qosmio Media Center 2005 lets me manipulate my videos, DVDs, music
and TV programs. I use the second 40gig HDD as the place to “Tivo” all
my television programs. At Best quality I have over 12 hours of space
free for recording scholarly television programs. I can pause live
television. I can set up the Media Center to record my programs when I
am not here and the Qosmio will take itself out of Standby to record
and then go back to sleep when the show is over.
I am the master of my own multimedia domain!

Toshiba did not include an FM tuner in the Qosmio version of their
Media Center 2005 machine and while that is disappointing I am still
enchanted with the Microsoft’s winning Media Center setup.
It took me awhile yesterday to figure out that entering channel numbers
with the tiny Toshiba remote was impossible. I had to use the number
keys on the Qosmio keyboard to enter channel numbers. Once I figured
that out the rest of the setup process was simple and automatic.

The Infrared channel changer is big and ugly but it does change the
channel quickly with Fast IR enabled. The digital image via regular
coax cable is quite fine. The sound is incredible. A tiny television
speaker cannot compete will full surround sound and I had no idea
Comcast was providing such pristine stereo broadcasts and the HDTV
channels are crisp and clear.
The Toshiba Qosmio hard buttons above the keyboard are an excellent
design choice because it makes controlling the multimedia capabilities
fun and convenient.

The M205 TabletPC served me well for a year but now when I look back on
it next to the Qosmio, the M205’s hard disk drive is slow, the screen
is dim and it runs programs like molasses. The Qosmio, while not as
portable as the M205, beats that TabletPC in performance, shine and
total end user satisfaction. Who wants a pen when you have a remote


  1. THis article was helpful. I have the same model laptop and wondered if it was an HDTV. Now that I know it is, do I have to tell my cable company to bring an HDTV box to deliver the signal to the laptop instead of a regular box.

  2. Hi Dwayne!
    You ask an excellent question. I do not know the answer. I use my machine 18 hours a day as a computer only now — I’m just too busy to enjoy its media components. I bet a quick call to Toshiba would get you the answer you need. 🙂

  3. dear sir :
    i loved your piesce in the qosmio machine i am currently using qosmio f10and it works quite well with me and i wounder what should i know about my pc and haw to prevent the collapse of the machine
    thanks alot and i havr u naw on my fav site

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