Should I Choose Verizon FiOS Over Comcast?

I’m not a big fan of Comcast or Verizon — but I am a fan of saving 50% on my phone/internet/cable bill each month.  We have been Comcast customers since 2001, so our history with them has been both rough and pleasing.  Verizon FiOS is getting installed en masse in our neighborhood, and we were told by the landlord that Verizon would need access to our apartment to “run a FiOS installation line from the basement to our closet and then to all the closets above us in the building.”  We can choose to sign up for FiOS, or not, but the construction for installing a FiOS pipe will be done no matter what.

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The Comcast Xfinity iPad App Review

Sometimes Comcast does the right thing.  They recently upped their HDTV content and this week they released a new iOS App called — “Xfinity TV” — that lets you control your DVR and HDTV cable boxes from your iPad!

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Semiotic Shoe on a Roof

As technology progresses, so too, must the criminal element.  In a previous article — Shoes on a Wire — we learned that in the urban core, shoes hanging on a wire can indicate the house below sells drugs.  As cities “urbanize” neighborhoods, and the “wire utilities” are taken underground instead of up in the air, the “Shoes on a Wire” semiotic is rendered memeingless.  The new semiotic for selling drugs, according the Vice Cops on Spike TVHD, is “a single shoe” tossed on a roof as exampled in the generic image below.

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Do Not Delay HDTV!

Curiously, one of the first jobs of the Obama Administration is to delay — from February to June — the switchover from analog TV to the beautiful HDTV broadcast format.  6.8% of Americans have allegedly not yet upgraded their televisions because the $40.00USD coupon program offered by the FCC ran out of money.

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The Sony Blu-ray S550 is Here to Stay!

Blu-ray DVDs are the new standard in High Definition television.  I have the Sony S550 Blu-ray player, and when I use an HDMI cable to hook it up to my Sony Bravia HDTV, the True Cinema, 1080p is breathtaking.  The images are “realer than real” because my eye cannot pick out that sort of “up-close” definition on its own.

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The Dark Knight on BD-Live with Christopher Nolan

I was one of the 600,000 people that purchased The Dark Knight on Blu-ray DVD on its first day of release.  One of the neat features of certain Blu-ray DVD players is something called “BD-Live” that gives you the ability to add ongoing content and live functionality to your Blu-ray DVD purchase by connecting your Blu-ray DVD player to the internet via an Ethernet connection. 

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The Perils and Pleasures of HDTV

High Definition Television — HDTV — has been available for several years in the USA and in February 2009 all broadcast television stations will be required by federal law to broadcast their signal in HDTV.  If you haven’t yet tasted HDTV with your drooling eyes — just wait!  HDTV is coming soon to a television near you and the definition is superb and sparkling.

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