Today, I got scared by the Internets.

I was minding my own business when a Google Alert shot into my Inbox.

I dutifully clicked the link.

Then, I found this “Kooky Dude” — “Kooky Tati?” — staring me down.

I was a little bit scared.

Then I saw the Kooky person was participating in online fandom for Degrassi — a Canadian CBC teen television soap opera.

I was comforted by all those links for the Boles Blogs Network — even though “RelationShaping” was spelled without the capital “S” in the middle.

I cried a little when I read about the “Recent Activity.”

I smiled when I saw all the “Earned Badges.”

Now I just need to sit down and figure out how “Degrassi” might figure into my own kooky life.


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