Nearly a month ago, publisher David Boles wrote an insightful article about the forthcoming 2012 elections that put a tremendous fear in me — the fear that Sarah Palin could win the Presidential election. It is something that people have been discussing in increasingly greater detail over the last three years, pretty much since it was announced that Ms. Palin was going to be John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

What really amuses me as I think on it is just how many dark and unpleasant things that are now associated with Ms. Palin that would sink pretty much any other candidate and yet don’t seem to be a problem for her. For one, there is the simple fact that she resigned as governor partway into the term. She made excuses as to why she was doing it but it still leaves the fact that she left the office looking like a quitter and a quitter should not run for president. David Boles wrote it best, I think.

Quitting as governor does not pave the way for a run for president in 2012. She’ll always have a fanatical fan base, but having a quitter as a candidate is a serious GOP problem and if there’s one thing conservatives covet is playing along and staying in line so they’ll get rid of her on a whim if she’ll stink up their party. She’s ruined any honest chance she has in politics by quitting as governor in her third year. The GOP requires dedication and morality in its candidates and quitting serves neither master.

It seemed that no matter what former governor Palin did (or didn’t do), people still adored her and thought of her as a great candidate for president. Never mind that she thinks she’s Shakespeare and makes up history to suit her needs and her supporters then got caught trying to change the Wikipedia entry — as though changing Wikipedia has an actual impact on reality.

All this led me to be quite intrigued when I read recently that in a poll held in Palin’s adopted home state of Alaska, she was losing by a not insignificant amount to President Obama. Even a conservative radio host has had to admit that former governor Palin has become increasingly unpopular in her own state.

This leads me to believe that she doesn’t hold much hope of even making it through the primaries to run against President Obama, let alone actually win against him. Having seen this poll, I sleep just a little better at night.


  1. I certainly hope we are safe from a Palin presidency, Gordon. Unfortunately, we have Michelle Bachmann now stealing all of Palin’s Tea Party power — and she’s actually much more dangerous than Sarah. When Bachmann implodes, and she will, then we will have the real threat to our nation revealed — Nikki R. Haley — the current governor of South Carolina who Palin helped get elected:

    Haley’s current “refudiation” of Palin is only momentary and not everlasting… we must watch her with the same vigilance we watch Palin and Bachmann.

    Evangelical women are the next, big, public policy stars because the media cannot get enough of their foreign, yet dangerous and punishing, Old Testament view of the world.

    1. Their view of the Old Testament is based on translations found in the Christian Bible which are not the same as the ones you will find in an average synagogue library. Alas.

      I suppose we shall see who will end up as the actual nominee.

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