He spoke up first and foremost, and said that he was made to hack into phones.

He, with the eventual help of Hugh Grant, brought attention to a scandal that was blowing up.

People were not only suffering from tragedies — the July 7th London bombing to name but one — but they were getting their phones hacked afterward.

Slowly, as things were revealed about the case, the newspaper executives started exiting, even after they had been promised protection by none other than Rupert Murdoch

She is also the only high profile person not to have lost her job over the phone hackings, which have resulted in multiple arrests and resignations in the last few years.

Then police officer after police officer tendered their resignation in wake of the scandal.

The parade of casualties from the scandal continued to lengthen one day after the head of Scotland Yard resigned, when one of his deputies, John Yates, also stepped down.

Tragedy struck when he was found dead — was it a coincidence?

He started out with the greatest intention — he was going to expose criminal activity at multiple levels and in the end found a tragic end.

We must reflect sadly on the life he led and take an example from him — not allow corruption to go on in our midst without standing up for what is right.


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