I just spent the last four days continuously uploading all my music to the Amazon Cloud Player.  I had previously spent days uploading all my music to Google Music Beta.  Now I have my entire iTunes library backed up in two separate places.  I like the Amazon music upload interface better than Google’s because you are updated every moment about the status of your uploaded songs.

Amazon Cloud Player is part of Amazon Cloud Drive.  You can currently store all your music for free in the Amazon Cloud without the songs affecting your available storage space.  You can fill your Cloud Drive with documents and images and video files.

I’m currently on the $20.0oUSD a year plan for 20 gigs of Cloud Drive space.  On Google Apps — not Google Music — I have 80 gigs of space for that same $20, so Google is definitely a much better buy for the value when it comes to storing non-music files.

Using my Google Chrome browser, I can just drag-and-drop files into my Google Docs list view and have the files upload.  If I want to upload files to Amazon, I have to click a lot of buttons to get there.

Amazon does a much better job than Google in presenting playable music.  The information space is packed with places to click and you can see more of your stuff in the same browser window space.

Here’s what the Cloud Drive interface looks like.  It, too, is clean and easy to navigate.

The Amazon Cloud Player works really well.  The songs play quickly and there’s no dropout or stuttering during playback and, unlike Google Music, I can download my songs from the Amazon cloud to a local device.

I also like being able to buy cheaper MP3s from Amazon instead of on iTunes.  New music is auto-added to my iTunes library by Amazon and then auto-uploaded to my Google Music account by the Google Music Player.  It will be interesting to see if Google will respond to Amazon’s superior music service, or if Google Music will soon go the way of Slide.


    1. It’s a great music service, Gordon. The sond quality is excellent!

      Slide is finished. SPP is dead. People are heartbroken and devastated. It’s all closing down in a month or so. All that money and time and effort is dead and gone forever.

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