Being Vegan is a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because Veganism can immediately change your health for the better just by changing what you eat.  Vegan is a curse because so many people misunderstand the lifestyle to be some sort or religious radical movement dedicated to upending the red meat tabernacle when it is not.  Veganism is only about making wise food and living choices that enhance and support life.  We don’t condemn.  We encourage.  We offer a better way.  There’s no good that can come from condemnation.

I really don’t care what you eat.  However, I do welcome you into eating better with me as a Vegan — and there’s one thing that I know that you either already know or you’ll soon know — you’ll be joining me faster than you think because the current Western diet of red meat and fast food is killing you quicker than tobacco and booze ever could.

As you age, you will look for remedies beyond a pill and surgeries to improve the health of your heart and other vital organs — and one quick and easy way to proactively get there faster is to change to a Vegan diet.

Here’s some “Vegan News” that just popped over the weekend:

Researchers from Britain and the Netherlands found that the more total dietary fiber and cereal fiber people consumed, the lower their colorectal cancer risk. For example, people who consumed an extra 90 grams of fiber from whole grains a day also had a 20 percent lower risk of colorectal cancer, according to the British Medical Journal review.

However, these researchers didn’t find that getting extra fiber from vegetables or fruits was linked with the decreased colorectal cancer risk, which means that there might be something else in the whole grains at work, too.

Researchers reviewed the results of 25 studies that included nearly 2 million people. They found that for each additional 10 grams of total dietary fiber and cereal fiber consumed a day, the person’s colorectal cancer risk decreased by 10 percent.

If you have high cholesterol, changing to a Vegan diet is an easy way to lower your lipids into an acceptable range.  I’m disappointed that so many people prefer to pop a pill like Lipitor instead of just eating more fruits and grains and vegetables — but I know the day will come with the high-fat American diet will lose favor as people finally realize, not too late we hope, that there is a better way to achieve better health, and the solution is as simple as the food in front of your face.


    1. That’s what I don’t understand, Gordon. They’ve convinced themselves? Certainly their doctors don’t recommend that sort of diet for longevity and continued good health.

  1. What’s funny to me, is that in all actuality, a vegan diet tastes better. It’s full of rich flavors. But it’s hard to tell people that, they just won’t believe it until they discover it themselves.

    1. Yes! You’re absolutely right! New Vegans have to be very careful about carb loading — so many of the Vegan desserts are so delicious that they gain a lot of weight enjoying the new, enlivened, tastes!

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