This is a list of things that I believe are the actual attacks on the sanctity on marriage. There are many of them however I will only list a few. I would like to qualify this by stating that I have as of this writing been married to my fantastic wife Elizabeth for one year and eight months now and we have a beautiful baby named Chaim Yosef Davidescu — you can call him Chaim, though.

The first thing that I think is an attack on the sanctity of marriage and has been the ease with which people can get married and divorced in Las Vegas. A person can get married while going through a drive through and still have an Elvis Presley impersonator as the officiator. To me this is not indicative of how a good solid marriage is supposed to begin — and the ease with which people can get divorced there, I fear, leads to situations in which people get into arguments and threaten each other with a quickie divorce.

The next serious attack on the sanctity of marriage is the assault from reality television shows. There is a television show in which brides compete to get plastic surgery before their special day and there is another one which is all about the most pretentious and self-centered people getting married, throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their way and stomping about angrily.

Then you have the horror of celebrity marriage — which was a blight on the landscape of marriage long before there were patently fake marriages like the one involving Kim Kardashian and the rather unfortunate soul that was pulled into the rather vulgar ploy.

You can almost play a little game when it comes to celebrity marriage. When you come to the celebrity wedding section clip out each of the couples and put them into an envelope. Then every week clip out the divorce section and see how long it takes you to match a wedding section to a corresponding divorce section.

These, dear readers, are just a few of the real things attacking the sanctity of marriage. You can rest assured that there are many more. It is rather unfortunate that the blame is being placed in the most peculiar of places instead of these more long standing real threats.


  1. Well done, Gordon! So many people today just want the easiest way out. If there’s an ounce of trouble or misfortune or discomfort, they want to break, and run, and create chaos in the fallout from their “unhappiness.”

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