I grew up drinking Pepsi on rare occasions, being raised by parents who were not interested in getting me involved with obesity before grade school.

Nevertheless, there was sometimes Pepsi at the party of a friend — but more often than not, it was Coca-Cola that was being served.

When I was in college I began tinkering with vanilla and Coca-Cola and seeing how I could make flavored Coca-Cola like was commonplace at drugstores many years ago.

I remember laughing and as a joke buying a bottle of the see-through Pepsi in 1992, just as a joke — its taste was like a joke back on me.

More recently, if I am drinking any kind of cola, it is the kind that contains no corn syrup and if possible is made by a smaller company — not a giant corporation that spends millions on advertising itself.

Imagine the horror I felt when I saw the words “Pepsi” and “Pink” put together, to create some kind of hybrid creature that should have never been known.

Since there is no such a flavor as pink, the creators of Pepsi Pink decided to give the soda the flavor of strawberry and milk.

According to Pepsi Japan: “Pepsi Pink is a glamorous pink cola drink perfect for the winter party season.”

If I wanted to drink strawberry and milk, I could blend strawberries with soy milk and call it a day — not drink some toxic mutation of a scary pink Japanese Pepsi.

So thank you but no thank you — I will stick to cola that still somewhat resembles cola in its nature.


        1. I think TurDuckEn is for people who think, “Hey — I love turkey, chicken and duck. How can I eat all three of them at once?”

          I’m looking forward to my Tofurkey tomorrow! Yum!

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