We learn through experience.  Sometimes the experience is direct.  Other times, we experience the experiences of others through immersive reading and learning.  “The History of Jazz” is a terrific iPad app that, for under $10.00USD, will give you a wonderful new way to learn about the makings of Jazz.

Here are some of the PR blurps for the app:

An interactive timeline of the History of Jazz. Made specifically for the iPad – makes your iPad come alive with rich video, audio and superb design.

Reading a book on Jazz is like learning how to fly a kite indoors. The subject is rich with characters and music that a traditional book does not do it justice.

In this app you will find:

★ a way to traverse the chronological history of Jazz as an art-form. The navigation element is both fun and tactile to multiple touches of your fingers at a time.

★ a way to traverse through the various genres of Jazz easily and effortlessly

★ learn about the seminal figures in Jazz – the Legends of Jazz are represented with video and images. They really come alive in this app and you get to experience the genre through the artists that made it happen. You can enjoy just the videos and the short biography or dig deeper and read the more thorough encyclopedic article on each artist.

I really appreciate the embedded YouTube videos.  The music videos play right inside the app.  You save time and energy having everything under a single vision.  You don’t have to start external apps to view deeper biographical information or performances.  You don’t have to search for anything on YouTube or the web.  The app is all!

You will be surprised to learn about all the genres and sub-genres of Jazz.

Click on any image of a performer, and rich media and text will be presented for deeper discovery.

The app is built to take you up to the current moment in Jazz time, and it can easily be updated to include new talents, or to set the record straight if some important people are missed or if information need to be corrected.

Here’s the list of recent additions and fixes in an app update:

Bessie Smith
Art Hodes
Oscar Pettiford
Sarah Vaughan
Chris Conner
Horace Silver
Bobby Timmons
Mary Lou Williams
Paul Chambers
Sunny Murray
Oscar Peterson
Sun Ra
Pharoah Sanders
Ron Carter
Ahmad Jamal
Carmen McRae
Anita O’Day
Nina Simone
Monty Alexander

The History of Jazz for the iPad will give you hours of interactive joy as you page through the music of your mind in your life.


    1. Yes, it’s apps like these that prove the power of iPad publishing! Imagine if our textbooks were like this when we were growing up. Learning would have been so much more delightful without losing any of the seriousness of the situation!

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