Devoted Boles Blogs Network reader and commenter Alison Hermosillo checks in again from Guadalajara to give us a press update concerning our ongoing coverage of “Contrails into Chemtrails” —

Hello again,

This time, i’m sending you an article on the newspaper MILENIO, here in Guadalajara, Mexico.

It’s in spanish, and says nothing “new,” mostly argues the point or better said, question on how it is weird that no authority, news media, or even investigator has gone into the topic of our skies beeing “seeded” with the contrails “chemtrails.”

Give it a look, I thought it was nice to find 😉


Look for “Nubes de Jets”, by Hector Topete Tovar

The attachment is a scan of the newspaper original.

— here is a copy of the newspaper scan:

Here is that scanned page in English text via Google Translate:

Clouds of jets

At the battering daily stress of our beloved Guadalajara few, perhaps a few, there have been time to turn the blue and see some small planes daily, and most interestingly this season even fly our air space by eye “normal” your flight may seem almost double or more than a commercial airliner.

When I was little literature jets were telling me that “seeded” the clouds with silver iodide to induce this growth, but in our present to throw us a dive over the network discovered that these aircraft leaving a long trail it takes hours to fade is called “chemtrails”.

In most Western countries are following and denouncing this secret and illegal operations on the civilian population, with no authority to offer a convincing answer to what happens in the sky around the planet, to the frustration and helplessness of the public we observe, with concern, as our sky is sprayed almost daily.

The aircraft left the “chemtrails” fly in the clouds cumulus clouds and such is never above 3000 meters altitude and most of the time, we can distinguish at a glance the wings of airplanes neatly spray. What is the real reason for the spraying of pesticides that are so carefully hidden from the public?

Because no editorial chain, or television in super news address this issue, including investigative journalism? I hope and worry and deal with this phenomenon is nothing new. Topete Hector Tovar

We agree with Alison that it is good to see Chemtrails getting coverage around the world in the pages of the mainstream media. We don’t care about front page coverage. Public Opinion reportage is a grand start for our mission. Perhaps, if enough people start noticing these odd, and lingering, Chemtrails — and then start making noise in the public pulpit about the discovery — the better off the rest of us will be as we turn our heads to the sky seeking salvation and getting in return some strange sky designs that seem poised to poison us from the heavens.


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